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Re-implementations of some of the software image routines in Raylib using the SSE instruction set for educational purposes.

To test it out, copy RaylibSIMD.h into Raylib's folder and in textures.c after all the file includes, include and enable the single header file.

#include "RaylibSIMD.h"

RaylibSIMD offers accelerated versions available with the RaylibSIMD_* prefix.

void  RaylibSIMD_ImageDraw            (Image *dst, Image src, Rectangle srcRec, Rectangle dstRec, Color tint);
Image RaylibSIMD_GenImageColor        (int width, int height, Color color);
void  RaylibSIMD_ImageDrawRectangleRec(Image *dst, Rectangle rec, Color color);
void  RaylibSIMD_ImageDrawRectangle   (Image *dst, int posX, int posY, int width, int height, Color color);
void  RaylibSIMD_ImageClearBackground (Image *dst, Color color);